Friday January 18th 2013

Latitude: 19,31,0S
Longitude: 39,2,6W
Course: 204 degrees
Speed: 21.6 knots
Status: Day 14 – at sea
Notes: As you might expect, it is still very warm – but humidity levels are up also. I believe that the cricket practice on the top deck was rained off! Now we have 7/8ths cloud cover, wind northerly force 5, temperature still 79f or 26c. Our clocks went forward one hour at mid-day today – yes, I did say forward! It will be because some countries do not alter their clocks between summer and winter times. It meant that I was almost late for choir practice though! I have been watching the news and can see that back home there is snow and ice to contend with – sorry, but you will understand if I say that I am happy where I am…

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