About me

Photo of AndyMy name is Andy Williams – allow me to introduce you to my business, which is Adwaen Photography and Training. I teach computer skills on both Windows & Mac systems, and am a photographer of mainly local events and Nature.

Prior to this I had a long career with British Telecommunications Plc (BT), where I became one of their trainers. Since leaving them I have gained further teaching qualifications, I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and the Leicester People’s Photographic Gallery.

I began taking photographs when I was eleven, when my parents bought me a Kodak Instamatic 100 camera for Christmas. It was amazing! The film was in a cassette format, so was easy to load into the camera. Pocket money went on more film, and I learned what worked and what did not. A few years later I bought a better version, a Kodak Instamatic 333, which had a built-in light meter. That stayed with me until, having been at work for a little while, I bought my first Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera, where the viewfinder allows you to see through the camera lens itself, by means of a prism and a mirror, which flips out of the way of the film when the shutter button is pressed. This was an Asahi Pentax SP1000, and lasted for a very long time. A major feature of this camera was the ability to unscrew the lens, and put a different lens on. This enabled me to take both wide-angle and close-up photos from exactly the same point. Sadly, one day the neck-strap on the camera broke and the camera fell onto the floor, which damaged the built-in light meter and the repair cost was more than the price of a new camera. I therefore purchased an Asahi Pentax MX camera. This did cause a slight difficulty with all the lenses I had though, as the lens fitting on the old camera was a screw-thread, but the new camera used a bayonet style fitting! I bought an adapter and that solved the problem.

I continued to use that camera for many, many years, but Digital Technology was becoming affordable so I bought a small and very basic pocket-sized, digital camera – an Olympus C-5000. Some time later, having researched the subject, I bought a Canon EOS 40D, which was a Digital SLR. This became my main camera and having purchased an 18-55mm  wide-angle lens as well as a 90-300mm zoom lens, these enabled me to photograph the various situations I encountered. However, carrying all this camera equipment around with me all the time was not practical, so I purchased a Canon Ixus 117HS, which I carry around with me as often as possible. We never know when that special moment, that special photo can be taken!

There are tremendous advantages with modern digital cameras – they now record videos, the images can be reviewed quickly and easily, allowing the user to make sure the photo provides the view that was wanted. Images can be downloaded to a computer and then shared with others, quickly and easily – a single photo can be taken, shared and seen by someone else on the other side of the world, all within a minute or two!

It is all very different from my Instamatic days – although back then, there was always the thrill of opening the envelope to see if my photos were as I hoped they would be…