Wednesday April 10th 2013

Latitude: 37,44,12N
Longitude: 25,39,42W
Course: 0 degrees
Speed: 0 knots
Status: Day 96 – Docked, Ponta Delgada
Notes: Arcadia was docked by around 7.30am. It is raining at the moment and seeing the green grass, wet roads and lower temperatures here is getting me prepared for when I return to the UK in a few days!!!

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Tuesday April 9th 2013

Latitude: 34,25,30N
Longitude: 32,11,24W
Course: 59 degrees
Speed: 18.2 knots
Status: Day 95 – at sea
Notes: At 8.00am the sky was overcast, the wind was south-westerly force 6, the temperature was 18C, 64F and there was a moderate sea state with an average to low swell. At noon, local time, Arcadia’s clocks were put forward one hour to GMT, putting us in line with Ponta Delgada and one hour behind London time of BST.

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Monday April 8th 2013

Latitude: 30,9,42N
Longitude: 39,15,36W
Course: 53 degrees
Speed: 18.4 knots
Status: Day 94 – at sea
Notes: It is clear that we are moving in a north-easterly direction, as early morning temperatures are definitely dropping. Today at around 8.00am it was 19C, 66F – the lowest I think it has been for quite a while! Im getting used to it though, ready for my return home.

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Sunday April 7th 2013

Latitude: 25,32,0N
Longitude: 45,45,12W
Course: 47 degrees
Speed: 18.4 knots
Status: Day 93 – at sea
Notes: A bright, sunny day with the outside temperature at 8.00am already at 22C, 72F. I am happy that Arcadia is moving gradually towards cooler areas though, as it will make things easier for me to get used to UK weather again!

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Saturday April 6th 2013

Latitude: 20,54,36N
Longitude: 51,26,36W
Course: 47 degrees
Speed: 17.5 knots
Status: Day 92 – at sea
Notes: The last time I was in this area of latitude was January 10th, and I have travelled quite a few miles since then. I will try and establish how many!!! Our clocks went forward again at mid-day, putting us just two hours behind GMT and three hours behind current UK time. We are catching up! This time-travel is tiring though…

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Friday April 5th 2013

Latitude: 16,6,48N
Longitude: 56,36,30W
Course: 45 degrees
Speed: 18 knots
Status: Day 91 – at sea
Notes: A quiet day was planned, especially after the lovely, busy days in Curaçao and Barbados. Already the temperatures are dropping as we head north-east, but I am hoping that the gradual change will allow an easier acclimatisation to the cooler conditions currently being experienced back home! Even so, it was still 25C, 77F at 7.30am. At mid-day today the ships clocks were put forward one hour, putting us to GMT-3.

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Thursday April 4th 2013

Latitude: 13,6,6N
Longitude: 59,37,42W
Course: 0 degrees
Speed: 0 knots
Status: Day 90 – Docked, Bridgetown, Barbados
Notes: A warm day! At 8.00am the temperature was 27C, 81F and forecast for higher levels. The sky is almost clear of cloud and is a lovely blue, there is a slight wind but nothing like it has been. I have been busy charging up the batteries on my phone and camera as I may need them both today.

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Wednesday April 3rd 2013

Latitude: 12,30,6N
Longitude: 65,21,42W
Course: 82 degrees
Speed: 16.8 knots
Status: Day 89 – at sea
Notes: Crossing the Caribbean, the seas have calmed a little since yesterday although we still have a ‘moderate’ sea state, force seven winds and an average to moderate swell. Occasional showers are forecast but that hasn’t stopped many passengers sunbathing on the open decks!

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Tuesday April 2nd 2013

Latitude: 12,6,36N
Longitude: 68,56,0W
Course: 0 degrees
Speed: 0 knots
Status: Day 88 – Docked, Willemstad, Curaçao
Notes: Arcadia arrived here at abound 8.00am and the pre-arranged tours were soon on their way. I had a relaxed breakfast, then walked ashore and into the town. It was hot, but a breeze kept things fairly cool. I found the McDonalds that was widely advertised but it was extremely crowded and sadly the free Wifi advertised there was not working. I will wait until our next port of call, Barbados, and try to find a free Wifi there instead. By lunchtime, temperatures were up to 30C, 86F so I had coffee and biscuits in a Subway shop and then headed back to the ship. Temperatures were still the same by mid-afternoon, and the strong wind was deceptive and I think some may be caught out by the heat… The swing bridge they have here is entertaining – if a ship wishes to pass through then they simply close the bridge to new pedestrians and the whole bridge pivots from one end, still with people on the bridge! The ship passes through, the bridge pivots back to its normal position and pedestrian access is restored! If you’re on the bridge when it pivots, then you move with it. When Arcadia left the port, the swing bridge had to be opened fully – but the tug being used to move us off the berth had a problem with its towing rope. This was soon sorted out, but in the meantime the pedestrian bridge was left open. Even after we had left the port the bridge had not been put back for pedestrian use as the pilot boat had to return.

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Monday April 1st 2013

Latitude: 11,16,6N
Longitude: 75,19,30W
Course: 71 degrees
Speed: 17.5 knots
Status: Day 87 – at sea
Notes: It amazes me how the weather and the sea can change so quickly at times – today we have rough seas, force eight winds but still with sunny skies!!! Most people, including me, have been taking it easy today. We arrive at the island of Curaçao tomorrow.

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