Photo Creations

An example of combining text on top of an image, using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) code.

This is a Sample Headline

This is sample paragraph text on top of an image. It is possible to change the colour of the text so that it is readable over the image.

It will be seen that by changing specific parts of the code, it is also possible to change the position of the text.

Text may also be added in different parts of the picture in a different font:

Semaphore Test

By changing specific values, the paragraph text may be moved to defined areas of the image.

The positioning and font of text may also be adjusted.

A range of colours are also available to ensure that the text is still readable over the image.

A variety of font sizes and styles may be used:
Arial font: set to small, with italic and bold.
Helvetica font: set to standard, with italic and bold.
Courier font: set to large, with italic and bold.
Chalkduster font: set to 20px, with italic and bold.

It should be noted that if a particular font is not available on the computer displaying this page, the text will be displayed using a font closest to the original. The Chalkduster font is an example of this as it is often found on Apple-based computers, but may not be found on Windows-based ones. As a result, it is better to use ‘standard’ fonts common to different computer systems and if a special font is needed, create the text on top of an image using a different method than the one used here.

Additional section using Noteworthy font with italic and bold.

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