Sunday April 14th 2013

Latitude: 50,54,18N
Longitude: 1,25,42W
Course: 0 degrees
Speed: 0 knots
Status: Day 100 – Docked, Southampton
Notes: Arcadia was securely docked by 7.00am and those passengers capable of carrying their own luggage were allowed to disembark. The rest of us had to wait until our pre-determined time – mine was not until around 10.30am. However, all passengers were asked to vacate their cabins by 8.00am in order to facilitate cleaning and preparation for the new passengers joining for the next cruise. For the staff there was no time to rest, these new people would come on board from about mid-day! I was able to disembark more quickly and easily than I had expected, I was off the ship at 10.10am. I walked straight through Customs, found my cases fairly easily and then joined the queue for taxis. Again I was not waiting long, although some other passengers were complaining – though it can be stressful if you’re not sure exactly where you are going… Soon I was at a nearby hotel where I left my cases etc and walked across the road to the nearby shopping centre for coffee. A while later I walked to the train station and purchased my ticket for tomorrow. After lunch I window-shopped then returned to the hotel. I cannot buy any more items, my cases have no spare space! I return to Leicester tomorrow.

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