Saturday April 13th 2013

Latitude: 48,17,24N
Longitude: 7,34,12W
Course: 55 degrees
Speed: 16 knots
Status: Day 99 – at sea
Notes: By mid-day today, Arcadia was about forty miles south of the Lizard. Unfortunately, weather conditions meant that there wasn’t much to see as it is raining, with a heavy mist. The third officer has advised that the harbour pilot should be on board tomorrow at around 3.00am – I doubt if I shall be on deck to watch, as it will be a bit dark then! All being well Arcadia will be on its berth in Southampton for around 6.00am. I had hoped that, as we got closer to shore, I would pick up a land-based mobile signal, rather than using the ship network. However, by around 8.00pm Arcadia was definitely in the English Channel, and whilst my mobile could recognise local networks, I could not connect to the one I needed. Perhaps later… I have also now experienced a further aspect of sea travel – fog! The ship’s siren is sounding regularly, I wonder if any passengers will complain at the noise?!?!?!?!?! Just joking…

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