Thursday April 11th 2013

Latitude: 39,51,24N
Longitude: 22,16,12W
Course: 42 degrees
Speed: 15.4 knots
Status: Day 97 – at sea
Notes: I have been successfully immigrated! To save time when Arcadia reaches Southampton, a UK Immigration officer came aboard at Ponta Delgada and will complete an organised, face-to-face inspection of all 2,000 or so passengers against their passports. It was a very good idea, as it will still take time to get off the ship and go through Customs – or is that UK Border Control these days? I think the name has been changed, or will be… whatever. The sun is shining and the wave height is around four metres, according to the bridge, so in their words, the ship is ‘moving around a little…’. I would say that is an economic way of phrasing it!!! All passengers have therefore been asked to take care when moving around the ship. It was like that last night, but after a while I got to sleep. I’m just about used to it by now, I wonder how I’ll manage when I am back home, where the ground stays still – or should do! It will feel strange for a while, I guess.

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