Monday March 11th 2013

Latitude: 14,16,36S
Longitude: 170,41,18W
Course: 0 degrees
Speed: 0 knots
Status: Day 66 – docked, Pago Pago, American Samoa
Notes: Today we have blue skies, some cloud, bright sunshine and at around 10.00am the temperatures were about 28C, 82F. There are a few tours of the island taking place, but many people are looking around Pago Pago on their own. The ship is docked opposite the entrance to the port and around a dozen stalls that have been set up there by the locals to sell their wares. This means that everyone has to walk past these stalls in order to exit the port! At around 10.00am an exercise drill was carried out by the crew, including the sounding of ship alarms. However, I know that there is only one alarm signal that passengers have to respond to – the rest we can ignore. This is a working port, so adjacent to the passenger exit there are a great many containers. It still fascinates me how the containers are lifted on and off lorries so easily and accurately. I also know this must be American Samoa – I found a McDonalds on the waterfront!

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