Wednesday February 27th 2013

Latitude: 33,51,30S
Longitude: 151,12,36E
Course: 0 degrees
Speed: 0 knots
Status: Day 53 – docked, Sydney
Notes: Our arrival into Sydney was breathtaking, especially as we were moored up immediately across from the Opera House, with a completely clear view of it. I was on a tour of the city, as well as a visit to Bondi beach, which I walked on! It isn’t as large a beach as I had imagined though. After a return journey via other sights, I had a tour of the Sydney Opera house. It was much, much larger than I thought, with several different concert halls! After lunch I walked along George Street, where many major shops were to be found, including the Apple Store. I used their free WiFi to upgrade the software in both my iPad and iPhone! It was a great help having the ship berthed so close to the city centre. My evening meal was in the Orchid restaurant on board ship, it made a pleasant change.

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