Friday February 22nd 2013

Latitude: 19,59,12S
Longitude: 173,56,30E
Course: 249 degrees
Speed: 19.3 knots
Status: Day 48 – at sea
Notes: The ship is on course towards Noumea and it started out like being a cloudy day. However, the skies cleared and it started to warm up – more than it already was! Most ‘sea’ days, those off us who are on our own have the option to attend a ‘singles’ get-together, which I often do. However, there were other events on that we were clearly expected – or at least invited – to attend, so the singles event today was cancelled! A few of us still met up at the usual place, but there was no sign of any free tea or coffee… After lunch I met up with a few others who have been designated as ‘mentors’ to help those with iPad’s and iPhones to use them better. The other mentors all felt that I knew the most on the subject, so I was doing one-to-one training with those who needed specific help, rather than just general assistance! It was kind of them to think so highly of me.

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