Tuesday February 19th 2013

Latitude: 17,35,42S
Longitude: 174,1,54W
Course: 268 degrees
Speed: 19.8 knots
Status: Day 46 – at sea
Notes: At 7.30am the regular bridge report detailed a sky with 2/8th cloud, wind northerly force two, temperature 27.5C, 81F, sea state calm with a short, low swell. I hope the humidity levels are lower than yesterday! I was booked on a ship tour today, seeing various parts of the ship normally off-limits to passengers. It did cost me, and some people felt the cost was excessive, but this was something I wanted to see! I and about ten others were on the tour, which included the anchor space, food storage, photo department, engineering control and the bridge! We were then given tea and coffee along with a certificate and a chat with the captain.

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