Saturday February 16th 2013

Latitude: 16,30,30S
Longitude: 151,45,30W
Course: 0 degrees
Speed: 0 knots
Status: Day 43 – anchored in a lagoon at Vaitape, Bora Bora
Notes: At 8.00am the sun was shining, but dark clouds were visible. I immediately grabbed my camera! The captain announced that there was the possibility of rain showers later in the day and she was right about that! The view from the ship was lovely, what with Mont Otemanu rising up above us into the clouds, but with clear blue skies out above the lagoon. There was another cruise ship visiting Bora Bora, the Statendam from Rotterdam. Those going ashore were reminded to make sure they boarded the correct tender and return to the correct ship! In fact this was highly unlikely, as each passenger must show their cruise card to staff before boarding the tender, before leaving the ship and before returning on board. There were quite heavy rain showers, but they passed by quickly. It was possible to see the rain bands approaching! The locals had fun in their canoes, trying to hold on to the tenders as they approached the ship, or use the wake to go faster.

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