Saturday February 9th 2013

Latitude: 28,23,6S
Longitude: 104,59,36W
Course: 288 degrees
Speed: 20.4 knots
Status: Day 36 – at sea
Notes: We are moving steadily westwards and slightly north. The sea is relatively calm, and even at 8.00am the outside temperature was 20C, 68F. At the moment we have sea from horizon to horizon – I’ve not seen any other ships recently, but I haven’t been looking! We are due to sail by Easter Island at around 7.30pm or so. There is a 25 knot wind at the moment, which means that with our relative speed we have winds of around 40 knots over the deck – so we have been warned to take care when opening doors to the deck areas. Our clocks go back another hour at 2.00am tomorrow, putting us 6 hours behind UK time.

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