Thursday February 7th 2013

Latitude: 32,5,0S
Longitude: 86,11,12W
Course: 277 degrees
Speed: 20.6 knots
Status: Day 34 – at sea
Notes: We are proceeding in a westerly direction as you can see from the latitude and longitude details. There was a good sunset last night – not spectacular, but still lovely to watch. There is plenty to do on board – as much or as little as the individual wishes. I have been neglecting my music though, so as I write this I am listening to some lovely music via my headphones – that way I can listen whilst walking around the ship, sitting outside or working inside in the ‘computer room’. I also have choices as to where to get refreshments, either free or bought. For example the free coffee is basic, made with hot water along with sugar sachets and the individual ‘long life’ milk cartons – basic Americano style. For latte or other speciality coffees there are several different places, but there is a charge made for these. I treat myself occasionally!

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