Sunday February 3rd 2013

Latitude: 40,21,36S
Longitude: 74,18,30W
Course: 1 degrees
Speed: 10.8 knots
Status: Day 30 – at sea
Notes: This morning the sun is shining, the outside temperature is 15C, or 59F if you prefer that scale. I should have worn my hat yesterday – I caught the sun more than I realised! My sunglasses would have been an idea too… I will remember that today, for sure. After having my hair cut this morning, some oil was put on my scalp as it really was very red! It will settle down over the next day or two though. I had a busy day, what with the regular 10.00am ‘singles’ get-together, then I attended a coffee morning at the photo gallery, then lunch and various things in the afternoon, including the sorting out of photographs taken over the last few days. There was a good sunset this evening too…

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