Saturday February 2nd 2013

Latitude: 41,28,48S
Longitude: 72,56,12W
Course: 0 degrees
Speed: 0 knots
Status: Day 29 – anchored close to Puerto Montt
Notes: I was awakened by the sound of a boat being lowered, ready for transporting people ashore. After breakfast I did go ashore myself and have a look around, taking a few photos of course! There was a small shopping area in what I discovered was the local bus station – this was all near the sea and there were some good views as the sun was out, the clouds were almost gone and it was beginning to warm up again. The trips to and from the ship were entertaining at times though, as these tenders can rock and roll a little! In the afternoon we were treated to a surprise air display from members of the Chilean Air Force – it was stunning! I took a great many photos. They used the cruse ship as a centre point for their display, making good use of the white smoke trails they can create, ending with a heart shape with an arrow through it, then creating a perfect 5-point star!

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