Friday January 25th 2013

Latitude: 44,16,24S
Longitude: 56,37,30W
Course: 185 degrees
Speed: 20.5 knots
Status: Day 21 – at sea
Notes: It is clear that we are moving south as it is becoming distinctly cooler, whilst the sea is nothing like as calm as it was. Officially, the sea state is moderate to rough, the swell is short and moderate and to quote from the UK shipping forecast, we have ‘precipitation in sight’! The sun is shining on us though – well, at times, anyway. In addition, some of the upper, more open deck areas have been closed off for our safety, which I can understand and appreciate as it is quite windy. It has been pointed out by one Australian that we are already further south than any part of his country! We should reach the Falkland Islands tomorrow, although if the wind conditions stay like this I do wonder if shore excursions will be possible. Arcadia is too big to dock directly at Port Stanley, so going ashore is by tender and it may be deemed as unsafe to transport passengers that way.

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