Tuesday January 22nd 2013

Latitude: 34,54,6S
Longitude: 50,25,36W
Course: 0 degrees
Speed: 0 knots
Status: Day 18 – docked, Montevideo
Notes: I was booked on the ‘Steam Train’ excursion. Having learned my lesson from a previous excursion, I ignored the advice given in the daily newspaper and was ready to board the bus earlier than recommended. It was a good move as everyone else had done the same! The tour was a good one, starting off by visiting the local cathedral. It was a surprise to find we were allowed to take photographs inside! Then it was on to the steam train. We arrived at the station, but then had to wait, first for the train to arrive and then for all the ‘passengers’ to take photos and then get on board. The train was indeed a steam train, but was oil-fired, not coal-fired. In addition, there were several tours from our ship, all including the train ride, so we waited for everyone to be settled. The journey went through various areas of Montevideo, finally stopping at a place called Penarol.

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