Monday January 21st 2013

Latitude: 31,24,30S
Longitude: 50,25,36W
Course: 216 degrees
Speed: 20.2 knots
Status: Day 17 – at sea
Notes: At around 9.00am today there was 6/8ths cloud cover, winds were ESE force 6, the temperature was 23C, or 73F, with a moderate sea state and a short & moderate swell. Essentially this meant it was cooler and a little windier on deck, whilst the ship moved around a little more! We had our choir rehearsal and then the usual two short concerts at 6.00pm and 8.00pm. Because I had missed a couple of choir rehearsals I then found that they had been given a couple of new songs to sing! I knew the tune for one, but not the other, but I was able to pick it up quite quickly – even adding a bit of harmony by the time we did the concerts. I was tired by the end of it all though!

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