Sunday January 20th 2013

Latitude: 25,5,6S
Longitude: 44,52,42W
Course: 214 degrees
Speed: 19.5 knots
Status: Day 16 – at sea
Notes: After a busy day yesterday, I took it fairly easy. I even decided to miss choir practice – I should be able to catch up tomorrow! The sea is a glorious shade of blue, we have had rain showers and I did my walking exercise for the day. From aft starboard, up to the bow, along the port side of the deck back to the stern is a third of a mile. As some of you know, I have to regulate the exercise I do but I am also a fan of Formula One (F1) motor racing, so today I treated the walk around the deck like a racing circuit on a practice day. I did an ‘out lap’ (walking at a steady pace) and two, timed ‘racing’ laps (walking quickly each time). After that was a ‘slow down’ lap (back to the steady pace), and finally a much slower pace – an ‘in’ lap!!! The parallel to F1 makes it a bit of fun for me, but in fact this is the proper way to exercise my heart, as I have been warned not to over-exercise it and also not to simply stop – I must start, gradually build up speed, then gradually slow down again.

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