Wednesday January 16th 2013

Latitude: 10,37,36S
Longitude: 36,5,6W
Course: 220 degrees
Speed: 11.7 knots
Status: Day 12 – at sea
Notes: I attended a party on the aft area of deck 9 last night, it didn’t start until 9.30pm. There was music, dancing, bright lights, the lot! I woke very early this morning, actually the equivalent of my ‘normal’ wake-up time back home, but was soon asleep again. After breakfast I attended our regular ‘singles get-together’ and ended up giving an impromptu training session on the use of the iPad and a Canon camera. I had not seen that particular model of camera before, but I soon worked out the controls. I also attended an official luncheon at mid-day given by the Captain and crew – I met new people. However, it meant that I could not possibly manage another main meal in the evening, so I cancelled that and went to the cafeteria on Deck 9 instead. It also meant I missed choir practice… I returned to my cabin and fell asleep! Not surprising though, as it really is getting hot now. Busy day tomorrow, too.

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