Sunday January 13th 2013

Latitude: 4,38,0N
Longitude: 28,50,42W
Course: 205 degrees
Speed: 18.4 knots
Status: Day 9 – at sea
Notes: Our clocks went back a further hour at 2:00am, so we are now two hours behind London time. This morning is definitely warmer, more humid, with 5/8 cloud cover at present, wind is North-Easterly force 4, temperature 26C, or 79F if you prefer! The sea state is reported to be slight, with an average to low swell. But at this latitude I guess warmer is what to expect! The ‘Arcadia choir’ had its first public performance this evening at 6:00pm and then another at 8:00pm. It all went really well. The timings were done that way so as to provide pre-dinner entertainment because, with the number of passengers on board, there have to be two separate dinner sittings, one at 6:30pm and the other at 8:30pm. The only thing it meant for those choir members on the first meal sitting was the need to finish our meal and then go back ready to sing again! I was in that category, so in my case I did not have a starter or pudding, just a main course which again was a light meal as I cannot sing well on a full stomach. I did have a light snack after we finished the second event though!

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