Wednesday January 9th 2013

Latitude: 28,28,24N
Longitude: 16,14,24W
Course: 0
Speed: 0
Status: Day 5 – docked, Tenerife.
Notes: After an early breakfast I disembarked at the appointed time and go to the dockside meeting point for my Northern Panorama tour of Tenerife. I started to walk towards my designated bus, but was stopped by an official member of Arcadia’s crew who told me to wait with him as the bus was simply moving forward and would pick me up. Unfortunately it did not stop, but drove past me! A call was immediately made via the crew’s radio and the bus had to turn around, come back and pick me up. As I climbed aboard, all the other bus passengers cheered and applauded, so I gave them a big smile and then bow, before finding a spare seat! I did explain to a few of them what had really happened though. The tour was really good, I was able to get some lovely photos. I didn’t realise how high the hills were on the island and by the time we returned to the ship, my ears hadn’t adjusted to sea level and I was partially deaf for a short while. It all cleared though.

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